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Please reply to this post with any comments or improvements. I want to establish a couple of key principles

1. We have one set of criteria for the standards for each Key Stage end, we do NOT want sub levels or super levels defined.

2. Keep it as simple as possible but no simpler (Einstein)

Other than that anything can be changed. 

Immediate needs

Links from the criteria to interpretations in the interpreting the criteria section and then links from there to useful supporting resources. 

If anyone wants to contribute drop me an e-mail to ian dot lynch at theingots dot org and I'll set up an editing account and explain any technical issues. Mostly its just like using a word processor.

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  1. Helen

    This is interesting.  I like the way you are trying to simplify and reduce the workload!  I teach in year 1 and want to move away from levels as that is not what they will be measured against by the end of KS1.  

    It makes sense for me to have one assessment system that looks at progress towards the standard.  I like the idea of recognising when some pupils have met the standard early.  As we are being encouraged not to move beyond the key stage but rather 'deepen' and embed their understanding across wider applications, this is a new way to look at 'beyond the standard'. Do you think we might need links to examples of this?

    I also like the idea of a freely accessible assessment for schools to use that will benchmark against pupils in other schools.  


  2. Ian Lynch

    Still a work in progress, what we need initially is to get as much grass roots support for a professionally led "better solution". If enough people fill in the DfE consultation negatively (parents and employers as well as teachers) it makes it a lot more difficult for the DfE to just plough on regardless particularly if there is a clearly better way to do it without conflicting with the basic politics set by the Minister. The Minister said he wanted to get rid of levels and simplify things. The consultation does the exact opposite.  If anyone wants an account to edit eg links to resources, I will make one for them. I want this to be a community project – a bit like Wikipedia – so others can contribute and share stuff so everyone benefits.